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Be The Spark 

Ignite Change in the World 

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We are looking for compassionate and passionate people to join us on a LIVE and FREE Zoom call to discuss how we Ignite Change in the World. We want to raise the vibration of this world and it starts within each of us. Our mission is to inspire others to look within and shine on our communities.

 It all starts with a conversation.  

Within these conversations, we witness the human condition of us all and we will come together to lift each other and share our shine, our unique gifts and authenticity into the world.

Some of our potential topics are:


Start a Conversation

Recognizing and Releasing Fear and Shame 

Raise the Vibration of the Earth 

Inner Work 


Create Compassion

Reclaiming Your Power 

Stand in Your Power

Take Responsibility for Your Energy

Inspiring Others

Releasing Expectations and Shoulds

Social Constructs

Human Conditioning 

The Children

Our School Systems


The Media

Our Food Sources



  1. Be kind, compassionate and respectful.

  2. Listen to understand, not to respond.

  3. Do not interrupt.

  4. Jeffery and Carrie have the right to ask you to leave if you do not follow the rules.

  5. Make constructive and loving comments.  We are here for change and to grow unity, not fight and point fingers.

  6. Bring your best self to these conversations. 


Carrie Myers

Poet, Author, MSW, RYT500, Program Developer, Mom

Carrie J. Myers, a native of Asheville, NC, and mother of three, has been writing since she was 10 years old.  Most of her work is poetry, which reflects the phases of her life and helped her process her journey along the way.  As a yoga instructor, she discovered new ways to dig deep into her subconscious, pulling from her practice, the words that held higher meaning and growth.  As she puts her work out into the world, she hopes to inspire change in the hearts and souls of her readers, while holding space for each interpretation to resonate with each soul’s purpose. Carrie is passionate about creating and recognizing the beauty in the mess that life can throw at us, at times. Her goal is to help readers to rediscover their authentic selves and revive, create and discover their light within


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Jeffrey Martin

Poet, Podcaster, Script Writer, Dad

Jeffery Martin is the author of thirteen books. His latest "Ripples, Shadows & Huddled Scraps" is his first attempt at a novel. He has also contributed to ten anthologies of poetry and short stories. Writing for Mr. Martin started as a young child as a way to vent the sadness he was feeling. It developed into poetry, short stories and essays as his worldview began to expand. Reading being an intrical part of that process gave his writing more substance. To this day he believes that his writing will only improve if reading continues to be important in his development as a person. Words are responsible for him speaking to schools, churches, community centers, youth detention centers and various podcasts. Mr. Martin is dedicated to inspiring change through the written word. But not simply words, but words followed by action and direction. Currently he is host of his own podcast entitled, "Write A Way Podcast w/Jeffery Martin." He uses Tik Tok, Instagram and Facebook as venues to inspire thought and action. Projects he is involved in presently are a film script he is co-writing and a documentary about the impact of black music 1619- present. Jeffery Martin presently resides in Southern California. Am I feeling on my website I try to type working and it came out rifling yes


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