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The Look of Change

"People can change when they realize that the pleasure of changing is greater than the pain of staying the same." ~ Adam Hansen

So you have been through turmoil in your life... Were you the instigator, the victim, or just a part of the situation? Regardless of your role in the events, it is only you that can process the situation and pull yourself out of the pit of despair and self-pity. Yes, easy to say, but extremely hard to do. And, no, I do not have the answers. How I wish I knew the magic formula that can be sprinkled on our souls and heal each in the blink of an eye. I do know it takes work, lots of hard work. For me, prayers help to ease pain, or give me direction. There are counselors, meditations, self-help books, workshops and internet articles to look to for guidance. But truly letting go, that is the mountainous pile of emotions that feels impossible to chip away.

Feel it! Feel it completely and truly. Do not shove it aside or act as if you "got this." Acknowledge the fear that comes with it. Express it! Scream and cry and run and jump up and down! Then decide to make that change.

How would it feel to let go of a small piece of your pain? To take a deeper, cleaner breath than before? How would it feel to ease some of the weight that pain and resentment hold?

Is it as easy as making a decision to change, heal and leave the broken pieces on the ground as you walk away? Only you can know this feeling, this freedom to be lighter.

What does the healed person look like? Feel like? Do you look in the mirror and recognize the eyes staring back at you? Maybe you do not want to recognize that person any longer. Maybe you have shed that old, sad, depressed heaviness and now you glow with newness and lightness.

Envision this new self, with strength and courage to take on the world. A new self that seeks out the best in every day, who has shrugged off the struggle and takes the glow out into the world.

The choice is yours to make.

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