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Mission Statement

The S*E*L*F Program

A 6 week yoga, meditation and journaling curriculum to help Tween and Teen girls to develop Self Love, Empower them to live in their authenticity, grow through compassion, share their unique selves and truths and develop healing and self care tools to carry with them throughout their lives.

Each week, we will focus on an aspect of Self, while incorporating Meditation, Yoga and Journaling exercises into each class.

Week 1: Introduction and Goal Setting

Week 2: Mindfulness and Presence

Week 3: Self Acceptance

Week 4: Self Discipline

Week 5: Self Love

Week 6: Gratitude

Through this course, we help young ladies discover who they authentically are before the world tells them who they should be. We strive to give them skills to deal with challenges that emerge through the most formidable years and work toward prevention of many traumas that girls experience at this young age. We also hope this will connect them with a trustworthy and dependable community.







Re~Connect with S*E*L*F

For the Women's Session, it is a 6 week program using yoga, meditation, and journaling to Re~Connect our  authentic selves that might have been lost in our efforts to be the perfect wife and mother and more.  Meeting everyone else's needs and expectations, while forgetting ourselves, might have left us feeling lost or unsure about what is our next purpose.  Take the time for yourself to dig deep and Re~Connect to yourself to live a fulfilled and joyful life.

Week 1: Re~Member

Week 2: Re~Spark

Week 3: Re~Ignite

Week 4: Re~Devote

Week 5: Re~Impassion

Week 6:  Re~Connect 

Within this course, we help ladies discover who they authentically are even though the world has molded them into who they thought they should be. We strive to give them skills to deal with challenges that emerged through the most difficult transitional years and work toward healing  traumas that life experiences have created. Through yoga, meditation and journaling, along with the class discussions, this course will allow women to reclaim their power, realize dreams and  find their way back to their Soul's Purpose. 

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