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My Purpose for Creating the S*E*L*F Program

In a world full of altered images, self doubt and comparison, authenticity is a rare gem to find. Moving through the world is a difficult task today. Our children barely make it out of diapers, before they are showered with the challenges of discovering the uniqueness and beauty of themselves.

As the former yoga studio owner, volunteer yoga teacher to middle schoolers, Yoga for Eating Disorders graduate, and spiritual journeyer, I began to see that so many girls and women are perplexed by their very essence, who they are, who they want to be, who they are told to be and who they are meant to be. Societal demands can leave us checking boxes, but not filling those boxes.

In response to obscured lines of self, self-love, self care and self awareness, I realized how yoga, meditation and journaling have accompanied me on my journey of self discovery of my soul’s purpose. This was the gift that 2020, in all its fear and chaos, gave to me. Along with a Master of Social Work degree and yoga training, I discovered new ways to dig deep into my subconscious, pulling from my practice, the words that held higher meaning and growth. I found peace, truth, forgiveness and purpose in my life.

Reflecting this, I developed a program for middle school and high school girls, focusing on self, love, care, discipline, intention setting and gratitude. Through yoga and meditation, the girls are guided to look inside to discover who they are before the world tells them who they “should” be. Within 6 weekly sessions, the girls are given journaling assignments, to establish a journaling practice and ignite discussions. The S*E*L*F teen program, (Spirit, Empowerment, Love Foundations) helps girls develop, grow, and learn resiliency skills to carry with them as they face the demands of life, staying empowered and true to themselves.

As these programs began to take shape, I came to the realization that women who are experiencing general shifts in their life, also need extra support, an unwavering community and a rejuvenation of self. Along the same lines, I developed the Re~Wild program for Women. (After deciding that Mid-Life has such a terrible connotation, I thought Re~Wild is better.) In addition, women will be guided to Re~Impassion themselves to fulfill their soul’s next purpose.

With enthusiasm, I am driven to create space for girls and women to fully live in the power of their authentic selves with no apologies and no limits, creating, inspiring, strengthening, and fulfilling their amazing existence.

In addition, 2020 blessed me with an opportunity to reignite my passion for writing. I have been writing poetry and journaling all my life. With my words, I hope to inspire change in the hearts and souls of my readers, allowing each interpretation to resonate with each soul’s experiences. I am passionate about recognizing the beauty in the mess that life can throw at us. My goal is to help readers to rediscover their authentic selves, revive and create the light within.

My passion is people, inspiring, loving and helping them heal. Through the S*E*L*F and Re~Wild programs and my writing, people will find truth behind their masks, self doubt and walls they have built through their lives.

Instagram:@cj_hotyoga and @self_girls_program, @cjmyerspoet.

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