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Fall Awake Yoga Series 

12 Classes 

Meditation, Asana, Intention Setting, Journaling and Self-Discovery

At Franny's Farmacy

South Slope, Asheville

231 Biltmore Ave


Week 1

September 19-22

Jeri is teaching Monday and Wednesday

Carrie is teaching Tuesday and Thursday

Week 2

October 3-6

Carrie is Teaching Monday and Tuesday

Jeri is Teaching Wednesday and Thursday


Week 3

October 17-20

Jeri is Teaching Monday and Wednesday

Carrie is Teaching Tuesday and Thirsday

Class Descriptions


Self Renewal

Yoga Practice Series

Led by Jeri Senor

In this series we will explore the limbs of Yoga through grounding and centering, posture practice, breathing and concentration techniques, and relaxation. Each practice will be complete within itself, but the sessions will also be taught in such a way that they build one upon the other so that participants will gain a more complete understanding of how the practice of yoga can bring a sense of renewal to body, mind and spirit.

During the third week, participants will be gifted a 9 bead semi-precious stone mini Mala (a prayer garland for focusing concentration) and taught how to practice Japa Meditation using the Mala as a sensory tool.

Journaling and sharing will be encouraged in order to cultivate a sense of community and a deeper internal shift


Gratitude for
Each of You 

Thank you for joining us for this Yoga Series.

We hope to continue to offer events and classes at

Franny's Farmacy and other Asheville Area Location.

Your Feedback is always welcome 


Intention Setting

& Self-Discovery

Led by Carrie Myers

This class will allow you to let go of what you no longer want to carry with you and what is blocking your Shine from within.  We will identify what you are holding on to and release with intention through journaling, meditation and flow.After returning to a cleansed and centered soul, we will set an intention around what you desire to create and embody that intention through journaling, meditation and flow.

*You will need a journal, pen and willingness to redirect your heart and mind.

For More Information

Email Carrie Here


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